IT Market Seeks Qualified Professionals

Matheus Lúcio
2 min readJun 5, 2023


Study indicates that Brazil will have nearly 800,000 job openings for talents in the field by 2025.

The Information Technology (IT) market is booming in Brazil. According to research conducted by the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), Brazil will need approximately 420,000 IT professionals by 2024. The estimated number for 2025 is 797,000 skilled individuals.

There is a diverse range of roles and functions in the IT field, and professionals in this sector must have specific technical and practical knowledge. Each area of expertise has its own unique characteristics. However, despite the high demand, according to the Brasscom study, Brazil only produces 46,000 qualified specialists in this field annually.

“This shortage of qualified talent occurs because the IT sector evolves rapidly, and there are not always enough professionals who are up to date with the necessary skills to fill the new positions,” believes Matheus Lúcio, a Technology specialist.

It is important to note that diversity in the IT field extends not only to technical positions but also to management and leadership roles. Among the various roles, some are particularly prominent, according to Lúcio. One of them is the Data Engineer, who is responsible for designing, developing, and managing data storage and processing systems, as well as ensuring data integrity and security.

“We also see a high demand for roles such as Data Scientist, who collects, analyzes, and interprets large volumes of data to obtain valuable insights for the business, or Software Developer, who writes, tests, and maintains software code for applications, web systems, or corporate solutions,” exemplifies the specialist.

Other sought-after positions in companies include Information Security Specialist, responsible for protecting an organization’s systems and data against internal and external threats, and Solutions Architect, who designs the architecture of systems and applications, ensuring proper integration and performance.

Training and Diversity

With such high demand, some companies aim to develop the talents they already have within their ranks. Encouraging the education and training of IT professionals through educational programs and specialized training is one of the actions taken.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider diversity among IT employees. “The inclusion of women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and other underrepresented groups is fundamental to building a more inclusive, creative, and innovative sector,” concludes the specialist.

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